I like the energy of the Jomon period.


The Jomon sites are distributed throughout Japan, and it is known that the Jomon period lasted for about 10,000 years, from about 15,000 years ago until about 3,000 years ago from now.


Mostly, it seems to have had lived by hunting and gathering of tree nuts etc. There are many excavated items. Other than shellfish and fish bones, there are Jomon pottery which is very unique.


Shakoki Doguu(Images listed above), which was excavated in Tsugaru City, about an hour's drive from Hirosaki City where I live, is my favorite art. Besides, in the area near the entrance of the Shirakami Sanchi, which is known as a World Heritage Site, the ruins are now sunk at the bottom of the dam, but many clay figurines have been found. This is also within an hour's drive from Hirosaki city.

 The clay figure in the first image below was found near the Shirakami Mountains.

In addition, Aomori City where I lived up to high school also has favorite sites such as the Sannai Maruyama Site and the Komakino Site.


Jomon archeological sites are distributed throughout the Aomori prefecture and are really exciting.



A unique feature of Jomon culture is the fact that so far no weapon or weapon-damaged human bone has been found. It seems that it was an age full of love and art, in which everything was harmonized, peaceful. Women were able to enjoy their own fashion.


Although it existed in reality, it looks like a dream world. But it has become clear that it was true, through excavation and analysis.


It may be that such time is approaching again.



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I feel that it is time to transmit the energy of the Jomon culture to the world from Japan where Jomon culture used to flourish.


I feel that TDE is exactly the energy of the Jomon period. Because It works only for love and harmony.


Thank you.


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Naoko Iwabuchi